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Mastercraft Banjo is an Asian product. It is exclusively from Banjo Hut. Mastercraft Banjos are good for the beginners and has a nice low action on the fingerboard. Each Mastercraft banjo is made and tuned by Lee Roy and team. Extra care has been taken while micturating this Banjo. It cannot be compared with any other brand in Asia because of its quality and the extra care in its set up. The Mastercraft Banjo has a brass ring under the head. The brass ring helps to produce more vibrations and good tune and volume. It is the best of its kind. The extra care or measures are taken in the following section in the Banjo, they are:

1. The truss rod is very finely and properly adjusted.
2. The rim rods are properly arranged and adjusted.
3. The head tension is so finely done that the tension doesn`t loose up.
4. The tailpiece is properly set, care has been taken so that it doesn`t loose up easily.
5. While placing bridge, extra care is taken.

Mastercraft Banjo has a classic model, 6 strings model which also known as the resonator model and a 5 string model which is of two types one is with open back and the other one is with closed back and the 4 string model. Mastercraft Banjo guitar is also known as Mastercraft Banjitar. The Banjitar is tuned into a guitar but it sounds like a Banjo. It is also called as Mastercraft Resonator Banjo.

The Mastercraft Banjo guitar has 6 strings which is the 6 string model, it has a resonator too. The Banjitar has a hard case electronic tuner in its professional set up. It is basically a hybrid instrument, half banjo and half guitar. The neck and the head stock are similar to guitar but the base is like a 5 string Banjo, but it is a 6 string instrument. The proper tuning is done as follows: 1st E 2nd B 3rd G 4th D 5th A 6th E.

The classic model of the Mastercraft Banjo has dual coordinator rods which provide good stability and balance. It produces excellent tone cue to the brass ring under the head which provides good vibration, tone and sound. As one vibrates the banjo strings, the head vibrates and hence the brass strings placed directly under the head also comes into vibration. Fantabulous tuning gears are installed in this Banjo which makes it different than all. The key focus is into maintaining a proper set up for differentiating it from other brands.

Mastercraft 5 string Banjo is of two types, one with closed back and the other with open back. The closed back banjo has a resonator attached at the back. The resonator reflects the sound from back of the banjo to out. The reflection is through the channel of rims through the flange of the resonator and comes out of the banjo. While in the open back banjo the sound comes straight outside from the banjo and hence has a little deeper tone than the closed back.

Mastercraft Banjos