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There is a popular belief that not everyone has musical talent but many also deem it possible to acquire music skill when they put their hearts and minds to it. If you decide to pick up a string instrument, banjo is considered as the easiest to learn. Banjo may seem complicated and tricky but learning this instrument is a whole lot of fun. Huber Banjos offer a wide selection of premium modernized banjos to get you playing like a pro in no time.

There are many banjo makers but Steve Huber banjos have distinguishing qualities unparalleled by other banjo makers. Not only he builds banjos himself with excellent dexterity, he assembles them meticulously assuring that each banjo component is built-in perfectly to create that Killer Tone. He practically handcrafts every part and material himself making sure that every banjo produced is unique and superior from other brands. For over seven decades Huber Banjos has established reputation that each banjo construction and design is a beauty and over and above quality standard.

Huber Banjos have popular eight models of uniquely made banjos. In price tags order, they are the Lancaster, Kalamazoo, Berkshire, Roanoke, Sammy Shelor, Lexington Jim Mills and Ron Block. They all have vintage flathead tone rings patterned with prewar banjo models. They are either made of mahogany or maple or a combination of both, only the Roanoke model has exquisite walnut finish.

The metal components of Huber Banjos are either made of nickel or gold or a combination of both. What distinctly set these models apart is the craftsmanship, finishing, designs, amount of precious metals put in and the high quality tones and sound reproductions. Huber also manufactures banjo accessories such as the vintage flathead tone rings. These are produced in limited quantities as they are painstakingly handcrafted with precision and exceptional workmanship. With high quality materials, superb craftsmanship, `killer tone` and aesthetic value, Huber Banjos is a prestigious brand that is well worth the outlay you will ever pay for a musical instrument.

Huber Banjos